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without whose generous offer for our souls, none of this would be possible.

by Nathan Leonard

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My Dinosaur Comics

I don't know if you've visited the Dinosaur Comics website (mostly because I have no idea who you are), but it is a non-stop riot of hilarity. The conceit is that every one of the comics uses exactly the same images, so only the dialogue changes. The strips vary in style, but are generally philosophical, in a whimsical sort of way. Anyway, Ryan North (who draws it) provides a blank template on the site for people to draw their own. Well, I took him up on that many times. Twenty, to be precise. They were of variable quality. Some are quite good, some are pretty poor.

Note: At this time, I can't be arsed to do any analysis of them, so I present them to you as they are. I may make some comments at a later date, we shall have to see.

01 - Assumptions

02 - Honesty

03 - Solipsism

04 - Decisions

05 - Aztecs

06 - Time

07 - Skateboarding

08 - Vigilante

09 - Brain

10 - Rampage

11 - Jokes

12 - Party

13 - Ninja-God

14 - Pirates

15 - Friends

16 - Context

17 - Listener

18 - President

19 - Nostalgia

20 - Value

That's all for now, folks.

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