by Nathan Leonard

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Odds and Ends

Gotty Pilot 1 - Gotty and Anna

This was the first Gotty strip drawn. It got a good reception on our messageboard, as it's largely in-jokes. For that reason, I decided to leave it out of the official canon, and later re-drew it to make it more accessible to outsiders (it is strip #4, located HERE).

As you can see, the original makes heavy use of narration, which is something I've largely dropped from the series, although I still use it occasionally. I was sorry to lose the reference to Anna's asexuality, and Gotty's love for her, but at least I have some material to use later on.

Gotty Pilot 2 - Gotty and James

After the success of Gotty and Anna, I decided to draw one with James in. This was based on the fact that Gotty and James are always at each other's throats on the board, and was also basically an in-joke. This strip was remade as strip #5 (located HERE). For the second version, I decided to make James more of an unashamed wanker, so he is the aggressor here. Unlike the Anna comic, there wasn't really anything in the original that I was sorry to lose (apart from "Ringpiece!").

Gotty Pilot 3 - Gotty and Simon

The third strip I drew was based around my best mate Simon, as I felt he deserved one. This was remade into strip #6 (located HERE). The only real change was that I dropped the idea of having Simon speak in wingdings to indicate stoned rambling. This idea was much funnier in my head than it was on paper (as it were). I didn't make any more changes. This was a mistake, as both versions are very poor, and it stands out as the worst strip I've drawn. The three silent and uneventful panels are just painful to look at for me. Looking back, I should have put them on a sofa, watching telly. Ah well, live and learn. A much better strip featuring Simon was #22 (located HERE).

The Creative Process

This is me at work on a Gotty comic. I don't know why I decided to draw this (beyond the fact that I'd watched Adaptation the previous night), but it's a bit of a unique strip, and until now I have not had anywhere to put it.

"A Cock"

One night I was bored, so I asked Anna for some ideas of things I could doodle in Paint. Her first suggestion was "a cock". Her second suggestion was:

"An Elephant Levitating over a Ziggurat"

Don't know why she wanted this, but she asked, and I was bored, so she got. Next, she suggested:

"Some Peas Commandeering a Shopping Trolley"

Again, I don't know why this was suggested. I am quite proud of this one, though, for some reason. Her final suggestion was "a picture of Gotty wearing as a hat something which is obviously not a hat", which became strip #13 (located HERE).


Some monsters.

Monsters mk. 2

The same, with a black background. I couldn't decide which was better, so I kept them both.

Whispered Apologies Attempt

This was my submission to the "Whispered Apologies" project, which can be found at, along with an explanation of what it is. My submission was based on my Monsters (see above), and as you can see was rubbish, so nobody used it.

An Abstract

I just found this. I don't when or why I drew it, but I think it's quite pretty, so here it is.

Jesus Hadouken GIF Attempt

I started to try and make a gif of Jesus doing a hadouken, but I couldn't be bothered to do the bits in between, so I turned my attention to the Gotty versus Jesus saga (beginning HERE). I still quite like these little Jesuses, though.

That's all for now, folks.

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